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The Timeless And Versatile Bob Hairstyle

Why Should Someone Try A Bob Hairstyle?

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The bob is one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles around. Itís origins can be traced to the American film actress Louise Brooks, who was popular in the 1920ís and 1930ís. Her bob was almost like a little helmet that surrounded her head.

Generally, a bob is a cut that is longer in the front and tapers into the nape of the neck. There is a trend today for a more retro inverted bob look such as the look sported by the singer Rihanna. This is accomplished by head hugging rounded layers and shorter layers underneath. This shorter in back style will show off your neck and make it appear longer.

Why should someone try a bob hairstyle?  The look is very versatile and adaptable to most face shapes and hair types. Anyone who favors short haircut still needs some hair to frame their face would benefit from the bob.

Short Black Bob

Short Black Bob

Bob Haircut Tips

The bob is enjoying great popularity today thanks in large part to the many celebrities who are sporting or have recently sported the look, including Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Melissa Joan Hart, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham-who has sported bobs of two different lengths and colors, short and blonde and chin length in a warm brown color.

Caring for a bob is fairly easy and straightforward, usually requiring only a blow dryer and a bit of time. However, foregoing blow drying and instead applying texturing cream to damp hair and leaving it to dry naturally can also produce a very contemporary look.

There are so many different varieties of bobs that almost any hair type or face shape can be accommodated, whether your hair is thick, thin, straight or curly or your face is round, oval or squared. Consulting with your stylist is always recommended, but the bob is a great choice to update or jazz up your look.

View Yourself in Over 5,000 Hairstyles!

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